City2City Learning webinar – Collaborating with communities

Written by Daniel Lizarbe Marco on 30 Oct, 19
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26th september

City2City Learning webinar – Collaborating with communities

Last month (26 September), the team behind Bristol’s EU-funded research project REPLICATE hosted a webinar to share its learnings and generate future ideas with fellow cities.

The webinar was the fifth in a series organised by the University of Oxford, as part of REPLICATE’s City2City Learning programme.

Bristol’s partners including Bristol City Council, University of Bristol, Knowle West Media Centre and Bristol Energy Network came together to talk about how they have involved individuals and families in smart energy topics in a fun and meaningful way.

The webinar focussed on the three different themes – methodologies and approaches to co-design, technology, data and governance, and Bristol’s One City approach.

Methodologies and approaches to co-design

This slot was presented by Rachel Clarke from Knowle West Media Centre and Helen Manchester from University of Bristol. Together they shared learnings from the Bristol research project, including showcasing some of the tools that have been developed by partners to explore how cities can move away from imposing pre-decided solutions onto communities, with little room for meaningful citizen participation.

Technology, data and governance

Theo Tryfonas from University of Bristol and Zoe Banks from Knowle West Media Centre looked at how technology, and the way it is controlled, can provide new opportunities for meaningful engagement with citizens.

Bristol’s One City approach

During the webinar, Hayley Ash from Bristol City Council, Ruzanna Chitchyan from University of Bristol and Dave Tudgey from British Energy Network described how the One City approach is being developed in Bristol.

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