Mobilized Construction – Supporting Bristol’s road infrastructure

Written by Hannah Boast on 19 Aug, 19
City-wide innovation ecosystem

Roads are vital in everyday life, and having roads of good quality is essential.

Mobilized Construction uses data analytics to monitor road quality and health and detects potholes using sensors. They collect data via a sensor installed on vehicles. In this way, data is captured as vehicles move around as normal. The data is collected, analysed, and insights viewed on a dashboard using the traffic light colouring system (red/yellow/green) to indicate road quality. The data can also be viewed through an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow it to be read across various applications. 

In this project, nine sensors have been installed onto Bristol Community Meals’ “meals on wheels” vehicles. These vehicles operate in and around all areas of Bristol to deliver meals. This gives a diverse representation of the roads in and around Bristol. The expectation is that around 10,000 kilometres of data will be collected over an 8-week project and data will be shared at the end of September. 

The team will explore inspecting utility companies’ roadworks to monitor road refurbishments, integrating data in road repair planning and management, and detect potholes to indicate needed repairs.

The team has also identified a collaboration with Eco Routes to use this data and to integrate it in such a way to support lower emissions vehicle navigation. 

The team have completed projects with Transport for London and Cardiff City Council and has received numerous awards around the world for their work in road safety and mobility data.

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